Vote Today Nebraska

We Haven’t a Moment to Lose, We Need to Go Vote!

You know those moments when you gotta leave it all on the field? Well, this is one of those moments. SHARE images of cool candidates. TALK to your buds about the election. And then get ready to VOTE.


Nebraska Political History and a Bold Future

We look to our roots of Nebraska Political History to guide our work.

Nebraska is mostly dominated by one political voice—conservative—and it’s not the conservative voice many of us grew up with in our families. The conservative voice in our state is now dominated by far-right conspiracy theories and policies that are more about protecting big corporations and taking away our rights, it is not about fighting for our families.

Gone are the days where all sides of the political debate and ideology are not only heard but seriously impact our state and federal politics. Our history tells us something different.

When you have one voice in politics, you hear one side of the issue and you get one ideology dominating a state’s policies.

In our history, Nebraskans provided a better path, a better model for getting things done and for thinking big. We, the citizens, deserve and demand better. We owe it to our ancestors, to the homesteaders, to the people who made our state great to stand up and take action.

Go to any large city or small town in Nebraska and you hear many voices. We are progressive, moderate, populist, independent and everything in between. Yet, the majority of politicians who represent us are on the far-right which means the issues we care about are governed by one voice. We need many voices.

We don’t want the status quo.
We want bold leaders.
We want all of our voices represented in Congress, in state elected officials and in our local politics.
We want political balance.
We want a BOLD Nebraska.
Get ready to vote today.