Pipeline Fighters Hub

The Fight to Stop Pipelines and Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

We believe local knowledge, local people and local solutions are the best ways to protect the land and water.

The Pipeline Fighters Hub is a project of the Bold Education Fund that helps connect and resource local communities fighting fossil fuel pipelines.

Throughout the Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline fight, Nebraskans spoke up and took action to help top TransCanada’s and TC Energy’s proposed tar sands export pipeline. Local activists in communities across the country can utilize the lessons learned as a resource and inspiration in their own fights.



Nebraska was able to achieve a historic victory over Big Oil. Now we want to help you.

The Pipeline Fighters Hub is here to help connect and resource local communities fighting fossil fuel pipelines in the same way we took on TransCanada–bringing together local and national groups, getting resources to the front lines and building unlikely alliances through creative actions and legal strategies.

The Pipeline Fighters Hub officially launched in 2021 with the following components:

  • Training and technical assistance to local pipeline fights from an online resource library to assistance on white papers to help with local zoning and on-the-ground meetings to assist with organizing.
  • Serving as the hub for the legal model called the Easement Action Team that serves as a co-op so landowners are not on their own as they face big pipeline corporations. We know Big Oil’s playbook and we have a playbook of our own all focused on protecting property rights, water and ending eminent domain.
  • Connect pipeline fighters and water protectors across the country with our Extracted daily news clips and monthly webinars in order to share news, messaging, joint campaigns, resource needs and best practices.
  • Identify key local leaders that the media can interview in order to amplify voices from the frontlines and continue the border communications message that stopping pipelines helps solve climate change.
  • Amplify finance and other corporate accountability campaigns that go after insurance and other institutions to assist the organizations running those campaigns with stories from on the ground and to assist allied groups efforts.
  • Create situational analysis documents and keep a tracking document of pipeline fights across the country to assist with strategic decisions.
Red and blue pipeline twisted in a know with text that reads PIPELINE FIGHTER
Are you currently fighting a pipeline in your community?

The Pipeline Fighters Hub exists to help provide resources on the ground to landowners, Tribal Nations and climate advocates working to protect their communities from risky pipelines. We work hard to lift up your local fight to the media and decision makers so your stories are part of the national effort to stop fossil fuel pipelines in order to respect Tribal and local communities, protect our land and water and take real climate action.

Our experts are ready to join the fight.

The Pipeline Fighters Hub has experts that come with technical, legislative, legal, communications, training, frontline organizing and agricultural experiences. We do not see a difference in someone that has a PhD or someone who gathers their knowledge from the land. When you are up against big corporations, you need everyone at the table.

While pipeline fights all have unique aspects, Big Corporations use a familiar playbook that our experts know and can help you navigate challenges as you work to protect the land and water. The experts that work with the Pipeline Fighters Hub can come to your community for on-the-ground training, hearing testimony, legal assistance, technical papers, communications and organizing assistance.

Don’t just take our work for it. Art Tanderup, one of the farmers whose land ran along the proposed route of the Keystone XL pipeline, shared with EcoWatch exactly what helped in the fight.

I’ll tell you the reason our battle against KXL has been successful so far. That reason is Jane Kleeb. She is a great organizer. And she’s a cheerleade — she’s always out here saying, ‘Come on guys, I know we can beat this.’
Art Tanderup

Let us know how we can help. At the Pipeline Fighters Hub, we stand together to protect our land and water.



Urgent Fights

  • Navigator Heartland Greenway CO2

    Navigator CO2 Ventures is a privately-held company based in Dallas, whose first-ever pipeline is the proposed “Heartland Greenway”, a “carbon capture & storage” (CCS) project that would tap CO2 waste emissions from some 20 purported sources including Midwest ethanol plants.

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  • Summit Midwest Carbon Express CO2

    Summit Carbon Solutions is a newly-formed, privately-held company based in Iowa proposing to build a $4.5 billion, 2,100-mile pipeline system and carbon capture and storage (CCS) project, which would tap CO2 emissions from Midwest ethanol plants and transport them via pipeline across five states to an underground sequestration site in North Dakota.

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  • Mountain Valley Gas Pipeline

    The Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) is a proposed fracked gas pipeline that would run 300 miles from Mobley, West Virginia, to Chatham, Virginia, with a 75-mile “MVP Southgate Extension” further into North Carolina also currently seeking permits.

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  • Tallgrass Energy Trailbazer Gas-to-CO2

    Privately-owned, Kansas-based Tallgrass Energy is proposing a conversion to carrying CO2 for its existing 450-mile “Trailblazer” gas pipeline, which runs from Cheyenne, WY to Beatrice, NE, where it currently connects with larger interstate gas pipelines that serve markets in the Midwest and Northeast.

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