Bold Alliance president Jane Kleeb participated in a Webinar on oil trains and pipelines during the Trump Administration, along with Winona LaDuke from Honor the Earth, and STAND’s Matt Krogh.

For many of us dealing with the oil industry, our neighbors and friends are asking us the same question:

“Well, if you oppose pipelines, do you support oil trains?”

Or, the reverse:

“If you oppose oil trains, then you’re in favor of pipelines, right? “

At the root of this question is a false assumption, one that is all but invisible: The “pipelines or oil trains” question can only be asked if we accept the idea that oil-related infrastructure must grow. And that simply isn’t the case.

The real choice is simple: we need to say “no” to all new fossil fuel infrastructure and say “yes” to clean, renewable energy.

WATCH: Webinar on oil trains + pipelines