Virginia Congressional candidates Peter Volosin, Leslie Cockburn, Del. Sam Rasoul, landowner Carolyn Reilly, Flo Ketner, Stephanie Cook, Mike Carter, Ian Reilly at the Reilly’s Four Corners Farm in Rocky Mount, VA.

This week, surveyors for the proposed Mountain Valley fracked gas pipeline invaded my family’s farm in Virginia.

We peacefully allowed entry to the pipeline company sub-contractors, but watched their work carefully and monitored through photos and live video feeds throughout the week.

The frustration and outrage at our privacy and property rights being dismissed and ignored for a private company’s benefit continue to fuel our fight against the MVP. In fact, as I traversed our lower pasture and walked the creek line on Wednesday, a recurring thought came to me yet again: I cannot truly begin to understand just how awful it must have been for the native peoples who walked this same land hundreds of years ago.

To have their lands stolen, their families evicted, kicked out or murdered. I have deep respect and honor for those who have fought bravely to defend what is sacred.

My heart continues to revere the land and water as we focus on honoring and defending what is sacred, not just to me and my family, but to the greater family of all global neighbors and future generations.

WATCH: Virginia Del. Sam Rasoul, and Congressional candidates Leslie Cockburn, Flo Ketner and Peter Volosin take a stand against the Mountain Valley fracked gas pipeline at Four Corners Farm in Rocky Mount.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 20, 2017

Carolyn Reilly, Bold Alliance, 540-488-4358,

Del. Sam Rasoul, Virginia Congressional Candidates to Visit Landowners in Path of Mountain Valley Pipeline During Company’s Surveying Work on Thursday

Leslie Cockburn, Peter Volosin and Sam Rasoul will visit family of landowners Carolyn and Ian Reilly while MVP workers survey their property in path of pipeline

Rocky Mount, VA — Del. Sam Rasoul and Virginia Congressional candidates Leslie Cockburn and Peter Volosin will visit landowners Carolyn and Ian Reilly at their Four Corners Farm in Rocky Mount on Thursday, to stand with them in solidarity as their property is visited by surveyors for the proposed Mountain Valley fracked gas pipeline.

The Reilly family will also be joined by neighbors and fellow landowners on the pipeline route who stand with them in opposition to the Mountain Valley project, who will spend the day creating banners and meeting to discuss strategy.

  • WHAT: Elected officials, candidates visit landowners during MVP pipeline surveyor work
  • WHO: Del. Sam Rasoul; Congressional candidates Leslie Cockburn and Pete Volosin; landowners Carolyn & Ian Reilly; neighbors and local Pipeline Fighters
  • WHEN: Thursday, Sept. 21, 10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
  • WHERE: Four Corners Farm, 404 Old Mill Creek Ln, Rocky Mount, VA 24151

The Reillys are vehemently opposed to the use of eminent domain for private gain for pipelines, and are among the plaintiffs — along with Bold Alliance and a collective of more than 50 landowners — in a federal lawsuit filed this month against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that seeks to block the granting of eminent domain authority to seize land against owners’ wishes for the proposed Mountain Valley pipeline and similar projects.

“I feel violated by this intrusion into our home and property that has been enabled through the abuse of eminent domain, and frustrated that my family has to take time out of our lives to monitor complete strangers that are invading our farm,” said Carolyn Reilly, landowner on the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline route who with her husband Ian owns Four Corners Farm in Rocky Mount. “The effects of climate change are rising everyday, but so are the people. Candidates across the state are choosing people over pipelines, and it’s an honor to welcome Leslie, Peter and Sam to our farm on Thursday.”

“The pipelines, as envisioned, will ravage several counties in the 5th District, destroying family farms, historic neighborhoods and thriving businesses in their path,” says Leslie Cockburn, candidate for Virginia’s fifth congressional district seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. “We have no need whatsoever for these pipelines. There is plenty of capacity with existing pipelines and scheduled upgrades to serve our energy needs well into the 2030s. Beyond that, we hopefully will have weaned ourselves from fracked gas and invested heavily in new energy, in order to clean up the environment and bring permanent jobs to Virginia. This is a land grab by private corporations that makes a mockery of our cherished property rights not to mention our stewardship of public lands. Over a thousand waterways are at risk. Mountains will be mutilated and forests will be scarred. We risk methane leaks, devastating for the environment, all so that a few corporations can turn a quick profit. The hard work of assessing the inevitable environmental degradation has yet to be done.”

“The pipelines are a threat to our environment, economy, and property rights, which is why we should instead be investing in renewable energy sources,” said Peter Volosin, candidate for Virginia’s 6th Congressional District.

Background on landowners eminent domain lawsuit against FERC:

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WATCH: Landowner Carolyn Reilly reacts as Mountain Valley pipeline surveyors invade her family’s Four Corners Farm in Rocky Mount, VA.