In an extraordinary move, more than 300 Virginia landowners have been sued in federal court by Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC, which is seeking authority for a “blanket taking” of all of these Virginia families’ land via eminet domain for this private company’s for-profit fracked gas pipeline. [1]

And on Monday evening, it happened.

At my family’s farm, we were officially served with this lawsuit that seeks to take our land through eminent domain for the proposed Mountain Valley fracked gas pipeline.

The emotions are raw and real; jumping from anger to sadness to fear. Landowners across the region are wrestling with feelings of disempowerment.

We’re furious that a *private*, *for-profit* company has been handed over the power of eminnet domain to drag our family to court seeking to seize a section of our land permanently for a risky, unnecessary pipeline that threatens our water and our climate — and later on, even sell that piece of our land to another private company!

But we are not done fighting, and we will not back down.

We know there are other landowners who are in this to win it, and standing with us.

What can you do? 

Make a donation to support Bold and landowners with legal costs and their federal lawsuit to stop FERC’s eminent domain abuse.

Donate nowIn September, Bold Alliance and a group of over 50 landowners filed a federal lawsuit against the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), claiming the agency responsible for federal permitting of the pipeline has engaged in routine abuse of eminent domain authority.

On Nov. 3rd, Bold and landowners filed our amended complaint with the court, and added a number of new landowners to our lawsuit against FERC. [2]

Our case will proceed with FERC and the MVP and ACP filing expected motions to dismiss our case by Nov. 17th; then, Bold will file our opposition to their motions to dismiss the case by Dec. 1st; and FERC/MVP/ACP will file their reply to our opposition brief by Dec. 8th. From there, Bold, the landowners and attorneys will meet to discuss next steps.

Meanwhile, Bold will also join other environmental groups next week in filing an official motion seeking a rehearing of FERC’s decisions to grant certificates for the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast pipelines.

We can’t continue our legal fight to stop eminent domain for private gain without your support.

Chip in $25 or whatever you can now to support the landowners suing FERC to stop eminent domain for private gain pipelines.

SAVE THE DATE (Dec. 2): “Water Is Life Rally & Concert” in Richmond

Join us in Richmond on Saturday, Dec. 2 for a rally and concert, keynote speakers, participatory water is life ritual, drinks, and opportunities to prepare for a revived and powerful presence at the upcoming Virginia State Water Control Board hearings.

These upcoming final hearings on the MVP and ACP pipelines in Richmond on December 6, 7, 11 & 12 are our crucial last chance to make our voices of opposition heard on the official record before the Board makes its final decision on whether to approve these two pipeline projects.

Thanks for standing with us. 

Carolyn Reilly and the Bold team

[1] “Mountain Valley sues landowners to gain pipeline easements and access through eminent domain,” Roanoke Times, 10/27/17.

[2] “Landowners Sue FERC to Stop Eminent Domain for Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines,”, 9/5/17.