Bold Alliance "Seeds of Resistance" Harvest in W. Virginia 2016

Often over the course of our ten-year-long battle to stop the Keystone XL pipeline, Bold has fielded calls and emails from Pipeline Fighters and Water Protectors in other fights across the country, asking for advice and support for their own frontline communities.

In addition to our work to protect the land and water, Bold distributes mini-grants for training, travel funds, and technical assistance to farmers, ranchers, and Indigenous leaders — all with the goal of supporting and developing the next generation of leaders we need in these fights.

Through the final days of 2019, Bold has an offer from a generous donor to *match* your tax-deductible donation to Bold Education Fund, that will fund mini-grants from Bold to other Pipeline Fighters in 2020.

Give today and your year-end gift to Pipeline Fighters is *matched*.

Pacific Connector Easement Action Team / Greater Good OregonOne of Bold’s mini-grant recipients in 2019 was Greater Good Oregon, a local grassroots group based in Oregon that is fighting the proposed Jordan Cove LNG project and Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline. I traveled to Oregon to meet with these folks earlier this year, and Bold is providing ongoing support and acting as fiscal agent for the group.

Bold also provided a mini-grant in 2019 to our friend and Lakota Pipeline Fighter Greg Grey Cloud, whose “Sungwatogda” (“Fearless Horses”) organization provides equine-based therapy and group activities for indigenous youth. The “Horse Nation” led the “March to Give KXL the Boot” through the streets of Lincoln on the eve of hearings before the Public Service Commission in 2017. Greg is a friend and the work he does with young people is critical and inspiring.

Indigenous Youth on Horseback Lead "March to Give KXL the Boot," Lincoln, NE 2017 (Photo: Alex Matzke)

The hard work people are doing, mostly in rural communities, may not get the attention of headlines or large foundations. But we see the work, and we want to continue to support the “small but mighty” grassroots groups.

Give today and your tax-deductible year-end gift to Pipeline Fighters is *matched*.

Thanks for supporting the work of Pipeline Fighters in 2020.

Jane Kleeb and the Bold team