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Bold Alliance Hires Carolyn Reilly to Organize Pipeline Fighters in Virginia and West Virginia

Reilly to organize fellow landowners to resist the proposed Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast fracked gas pipelines

Carolyn Reilly is Bold Alliance’s new Regional Pipeline Fighter in Virginia and W. Virginia.

Rocky Mount, Virginia — Bold Alliance has hired landowner Carolyn Reilly as a Regional Pipeline Fighter who will help organize fellow landowners and citizens in Virginia and West Virginia against the proposed Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley fracked gas pipelines.

“As a landowner in the path of the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline, I know and understand well the frustration and fear property owners face. I’ve also witnessed the courage and fierce determination of landowners and many other citizens as I’ve worked fighting pipelines over the past two years,” said Reilly. “Now is the time for landowners to link arms and rise up to resist and challenge the corporations seeking to invoke eminent domain for private gain.”

Carolyn has been involved in fighting the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline and has been actively organizing in the region since late 2014, most recently working as an organizer with the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League.

In addition to fighting pipelines, Reilly and her husband, own and operate Four Corners Farm and Four Corners Recycling in Rocky Mount, Virginia, where they sustainably tend pastured poultry, range-raised pigs and a small herd of grass-fed cows as well as offer single stream recycling services. Reilly added, “I believe that community is stronger than corporations; I’m eager to unite landowners, neighbors and allies across the Virginias in our fight to defeat these dangerous pipelines.”

Bold Alliance is a network of “small and mighty” groups in rural states — Nebraska, Iowa, Louisiana and Oklahoma, and now the Appalachia region, that works with unlikely alliances of farmers, ranchers, fisherfolk, Tribal nations and progressives to stop risky fossil fuel and industrial food projects with the grassroots style used to stop the Keystone XL pipeline in Nebraska.

In 2016, Bold and members of the “Cowboy & Indian Alliance” that formed to battle Keystone XL traveled to meet with landowners in Virginia and West Virginia, and plant and harvest sacred Ponca corn “seeds of resistance” on land in the paths of the proposed Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast pipelines. (More details:

“In an era of Trump, where Big Oil CEOs are literally running our country’s highest agencies, the only people we can rely on are the landowners. Protecting property rights from eminent domain abuse is our number one priority. Private pipelines should never have the right to use eminent domain,” said Jane Kleeb, Bold Alliance President. “We stand with landowners and citizens who want to protect the land and water from these risky pipelines.”

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